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Level 4 Introduction (Mental Toughness)

Description: When you think of the phrase mental toughness what is the first person that comes to mind? Whatever your answer is, this is the person that you should start studying on a consistent basis. We look at elite athletes and admire the physical gift that they have but have you ever asked yourself, what differentiates a person from average and being the best? In this section you will learn strategies that will cause you to become mentally tough. Just like you can learn how to read faster, shot better, and improve your public speaking. I also have a way you consistently improve the mental side of your life that will give you the advantage over everyone else. For this strategy to become a permanent you have to make the things in this a social norm which is something we will discuss in the curriculum.


Weekly Activities

Mental Toughness

Other responsibilities


-Weekly Activities

– Find Accountability Partner

-Sign a confidentiality agreement form


The goal

By the end of this 6 weeks every person that completes the entire thing will become more proficient in understanding what being mentally tough really means. The more that you become tough mentally the more success you will begin to have. A person success is always determined by their mental capacity and the best at anything often are not dominate physically but instead mentally. I look forward to working with you these next 8 weeks. GOOD LUCK!!!!


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